About Solar Proof Software For Retailers

About Solar Proof


Who is Solar Proof Software designed for and what can it do?

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Who Are We?

Solar Proof is a solar software business founded in 2017 to help businesses in the solar industry have an easier time becoming more successful. It is clear that one of the biggest challenges faced by solar businesses is offering clear communication of value. This was one of the key motivations in Solar Proof's creation.

Our Mission

Solar Proof aims to help the solar industry by offering accurate, easy-to-use solutions to many complex problems solar installers face daily. We want the industry to be as successful as possible and we want customers to be as well-informed as possible.

Our Vision

We want to give solar businesses the boost they need to get more sales easily and have efficient processes for their renewable energy based business.

Feedback Driven

The key in offering the best solar software in Australia is listening to the ground-level. We are constantly seeking feedback from solar business owners of all sizes and aim to provide solutions to all of your needs!

Solar Proof Values

Solar Proof aims to help the solar industry by offering industry-leading tools. We promise to:

  • Communicate with users regularly - because we value your input and feedback.
  • Offer excellence in our product - because we value being the best we can be.
  • Be as accurate as possible in our projections - because we value our integrity.
  • Fix any issues promptly should they arise - because we value your loyalty.

If you feel that we have not lived up to our values in any way - we want to hear about it!