How Lead Response Time Affects Outcomes - Solar Proof

Does Fast Response Matter With Leads?


Of course it does!

Getting to an interested lead quickly can make the difference between no outcome and a sale!

By getting on the phone to an interested person quickly, you are at the forefront of their mind right away. You have the chance to make an impression and if you're the first contact they've had with someone - you get the chance to become the "authority" they can trust.
I've seen this time and time again out in the field. If you're good at rapport building and you get on their good side, they will come to you for follow up advice when they shop around - IF they shop around. In actual fact if they do end up looking at other installers for quotes, you as a sales person didn't do a good enough job!

What a slow responder gets

If you make first contact days after the initial enquiry you will get either:

Get there fast, but only if you're impressive...

If you call up a prospect straight away eager to get ahead of the competition and you haven't worked out how to impress... You might be doing more damage than good. The last thing customers want is a sleazy sales rep in there house who can't answer questions and just wants to get a sale. One aspect of making an impression is KNOWING WHAT YOU'RE DOING! What to show your prospect to impress them:

The Real Powerful Stuff

Getting someone to tell you what to put into an independent analysis tool like Solar Proof will work absolute wonders! They will trust you 1,000% more than if you tell them: "4.2 sunhours times by 28c/kWh".
They can see the magic happen right in front of their eyes.

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