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How Third Party Tools Improve Trust


Using Solar Proof To Boost Confidence and Get More Sales

It's no secret that turning prospects into customers is largely a question of trust. All sorts of different industries use trust-building to increase sales conversions.

Improving Trust To Improve Sales

There are many different ways you can use the power of trust to improve sales. It certainly helps if you are honest about what you're offering! And using a third-party tool to calculate the results you're selling is as honest as it gets!

Think about it - you're using figures provided by a third-party calculating engine to sell a solar system. It's the numbers which do a LOT of the selling.

What using Solar Proof does for sales

By using our expert, third-party tool to handle the calculations, one of the things you get is more trust from your customer. This is extremely powerful. They trust you because you didn't scribble numbers on the back of a napkin like Old Joe Solar your competitor! You use a professional tool to ensure you're giving them accurate figures!

Trust Is The Same In Every Industry

Imagine you need a new house built. Would you trust the company who "wings it" and gives you a result which is probably nothing like what they promised... OR would you trust the company using industry best-practise methods to deliver great results along the way?

You see what I mean? Solar is no different. A BIG part of what you are selling is the numbers you say you're going to deliver. So get started with SolarProof if you haven't already start building more trust and selling more systems as a result!

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