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How To Get More Solar Leads And Win More Sales


Much easier than you think right?...




Lead Generation Strategies

To get more leads, guess what? You need to have lead generation in place! Now this isn't always easy, here are some common ways to generate leads for your sales funnel:

  1. Buy leads from companies such as BSPQ - register a leads account here
  2. Get a telemarketing effort going
  3. Doorknock
  4. Online marketing

Now if you want more leads (and more sales) the first thing to do is ramp up ALL OF THE ABOVE! Put a strategy in place to do EVERYTHING you can to generate more leads for your sales teams.

Sales Process

If you've got 100 leads, and haven't thought at all about the sales process... You're in trouble!
Spend some time on this - make sure you have a plan for what the sales process looks like. Get your team trained up and synchronised to follow the same procedures. Listen to your top sales guys and share what's working on a regular basis as a feedback loop to improve sales ALL THE TIME. Your sales process should always be evolving and adapting to what the market wants.

Automated Interactions

It's easy to get an automated campaign running these days! Just use your CRM or something like mailchimp and make sure EVERY new enquiry is added to your sales funnel list. This can save you hard yards - costs nothing to deliver information to your prospects plus it can impress the s*** out of them. If you start out your communications with a prospect by sending them some golden (really it needs to be good and useful) information, then you're off to an extremely good start. If you send them junk on the other hand... "BUY NOW, SPECIAL DEAL, ONLY VERY CHEAP OFFER NOW"... It could all go very wrong. Do it right.


When you make a sale - have a process in place to absolutely take 100% advantage of the opportunities in front of you. Think about this - you just made a sale. The person who was a prospect is now a customer. Everyone knows referral business is at least a 90% strike rate. So make the effort to get the referrals - give your new customer an incentive. Impress them, become their friend and you'll get more leads and more sales. GUARANTEED.

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