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How To Obtain Interval Data For Your Customer


Have you realised the goldmine that is interval data yet?




What is interval data?

Interval data is a set of readings from your customers meter at some interval. To understand this a little more, it's important to understand the difference between kW and kWh.
For simplicity though, let's say we have hourly interval data (kW is the same as kWh for hourly data). Then defining interval data would be a set of hourly data on how many kWh have been used each hour.

Vertical interval data example

Horizontal interval data example

Download sample vertical interval data CSV file
Download sample horizontal interval data CSV file
The above images show some examples of what interval data can look like in it's "raw" form. This is what the energy retailer will send to you and it's up to you to interpret it! Lucky you've got SolarProof, right?

Is interval data available?

In many cases, interval data is available from the customer's energy retailer. Most of the time if your customer is residential interval data WILL NOT be available. Solar Proof has come up with a solution to this - by offering a vast range of residential customer load profiles you can use in your quotes.
Commercial Customers are much more likely to have interval data available - especially if they are on an unbundled tariff for their power bill.

How do I get interval data?

Use a letter of permission to request interval data on your customer's behalf. Or your customer may wish to request the data for themselves - this way if they are considering different installers they only need get it once and send it to all relevant parties.
Download our letter of permission template
Download our interval data request email template

What do I do with it?

Run it through Solar Proof of course!
Here is what you get out:

List of Known Supported Formats

Here are some files which Solar Proof can process and interpret correctly
Download ZIP Package of data file examples

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