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Managing Sales Qty VS Profits


Businesses go bankrupt if sales are high and profits are low




The obvious

If you don't make profit in your business, the business won't last very long.
But so many solar businesses still compete on price as the main point of difference! It can be tough out there - no doubt. But when an industry is purely defined on the price they can offer, it's not a good thing. By crafting your own Unique Selling Point (not price) you can charge what it's worth and still get enough sales.

30 sales a week x $8,000 per sale - $7,600 per sale costs = $12,000 profit per week.

10 sales a week x $8,800 per sale - $7,600 per sale costs = $12,000 profit per week.

It is possible to make your business a much more effient profit-machine! You might only get 10 sales - but that's also only 10 potential headaches!! For the same amount of profit.

The sweet-spot

The example above gives an idea of how balancing profit and sales quantity can TRANSFORM any business. Now it's just a matter of finding the "sweet-spot" that works for you. You might find that it works better for you to find 3 premium customers rather than 10 mid-range customers.
The key is to listen to feedback from both your sales team and your customers and make changes that are heading into HIGHER PROFIT and possibly also LOWER SALES VOLUMES at the same time.

Winning high-value sales

Now of course winning higher value sales is not as easy as selling a cheap package. But if you take the time and effort to deliver the value to the prospect - and really get across the message that you are selling, you can be successful. Solar Proof is one way to help build customer's confidence in your product and service suite. Handing them a professional, accurate quote will do wonders to communicate how serious you are about getting their business.

Anyone in their right mind would pay 50% more for a product that will give them twice the value.

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