How To Use Solar Proof - Tips & Tricks To Help Master Our Solar Software

Solar Proof Software Tips & Tricks


How to master Solar Proof software and give yourself the jump on your competition



Solar Proof Software Tips

Uploading Interval Load Profiles

One of the big strengths of Solar Proof is it's easy analysis of interval data from your customer. If you can get the interval data file, we can help you analyse it, suggest a solar system appropriate to the data and assist in the design of the system and presentation of that design in ways that your prospect can understand and digest.

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Setting Defaults

Entering your account defaults helps to streamline your experience with Solar Proof software. Your defaults are then available to be instantly used in any project you create.

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Solar Panel Mapping Tool

Use the Solar Proof software mapping tool (Sun Map) in the 2nd step of new project creation, or by clicking "Panel Placement" from the project attributes menu on the left of the screen. Panel mapping uses Google imagery by default with the option to setup your nearmap API key in your account settings (top right menu).

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Handy Shortcuts & Info

Your dashboard can be broken into 3 main sections:
Left-side: Project attributes, inputs and settings
Center-screen: Your output preview
Right-side: Outputs generation
Account menu: Top-right, Projects menu: Top of screen, Proposal actions menu: Top-right icons beneath the account menu.

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Hidden Capabilities

Solar Proof has many valuable features which average users sometimes overlook. Some of the hidden power in Solar Proof lies in it's ability to produce custom outputs of many varieties.
Not only can you present analysis, comparisons, static data as well as live updating charts, but you can do so in many different formats. In fact you can even keep notes on projects, and perform paperwork/admin tasks right inside your Solar Proof account!

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Mastering Presentation

Presentation is power. A good presentation shows your prospects all of your best qualities, without overwhelming or confusing them - and keeps them informed. You can get bigger, better and more sales using Solar Proof proposals because we have a library of ready-made templates for you to choose from right away - AND you can make your own templates easily.

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Entering System Pricing

System pricing can be complex. But it doesn't have to be overly difficult. In Solar Proof you can enter system pricing by just throwing in a number, or you can enter line-by-line itemised pricing to give your customer more transparency. Then you can also choose whether or not you want to present that to your customer. For example, you might want to enter the pricing line-by-line but only show your customer a single price.

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Project Outputs List

Solar Proof software outputs are broken into several major sections. Essentially you can output almost any variable you can think of over the life of the solar system. This gives you the power to present the data in whichever way you choose. For example, you may want a table showing cumulative savings for several specific years. Or Savings breakdowns showing the portion of demand, LGCs, energy and network savings.

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Did something go wrong?! Occasionally things don't behave themselves exactly as we'd like. There are some common tips to help you troubleshoot which might be useful to you. The first place to start is your browser -- make sure you're using Google chrome. Next, if you're experiencing "infinite loading" - try refreshing your browser. The next most common thing users face is your PDF output running over more than 1 page. This might warrant raising it with your support team. Or you can refresh your template by applying one of our ready-made examples which should fix the issue instantly.

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Support Services

You can get support when you need it! If you're having trouble with anything at all in Solar Proof you can easily send a support email and we will get onto it asap (usually within an hour within AEST business hours). We know how urgent it can sometimes be to get a proposal out to your customer.

Privacy & Your Solar Proof Account

Your secure login is protected by your password. Naturally stronger passwords keep your information more secure. No other Solar Proof user or staff member may access your account information without your permission. See our privacy policy for more details.

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